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2000 Nelson Lowboy

$425,000 USD Stock # 119 

(Two) Modular 65-ton east coast heavy haul trailers, all necks, decks and axles are interchangeable and can be configured into multiple combinations. Trailer combination 3, 4, & 5 axles in a row, 2 Plus 1 , 2 plus 2 , 3 plus 1, and 3 plus 2.


(Three) perimeter decks, 50, 55, 65-ton capacity, 12” loaded height

(One) 50 ton, 26’ Drop side deck, with outriggers, 20” loaded height

(One) 65 ton, 26’ Flat deck, with outriggers, 24” loaded height

(One) 65 ton, 26’ Beam Deck

(Three) 65-ton deck inserts 4’, 8’ and 16’


(Two) 65-ton east coast spreader bars

(Two) 2-axle jeeps

(One) 3-axle detachable jeep with hydraulic hatbox can be converted into a trailer

(One) 50-ton attachment to convert the tandem or tri-axle jeep into a trailer.


(Two) Single Detachable axles

(Three) 65-ton Tandem Detachable Axles - Two of the tandem axles that attach to the spreader bar can be converted into a trailer.

(Three) Tri axle Detachable Axles - One tri-axle can be used as a jeep - 2 tri axles with a 50-ton rating and one with 65-ton capacity


(Four) Flip neck extensions to use with jeeps

(Three) Hydraulic goosenecks, two 50 ton, one 65 ton,

(One) Removable Mechanical 50-ton gooseneck to use with 3 axle jeep

(One) 65-ton Mechanical gooseneck to use with 3 axle hydraulic hat box jeep


Unit 3316 - 50-ton 3 axle bogies, can be used as a 3-axle jeep or as 3 axle trailers 

N-2 Manual detachable gooseneck can be use with jeep or trailer

N2A Neck extension for N2 65 ton, use to build 3 axle jeep


Unit 3317 - 65-ton 3 axle bogies for trailer and booster


All flat deck sections bolt together when using D-3, 20” high beam , 9’wide decks, plus out riggers

D-3, 65 ton, 26’Llong flat deck 

D-4, 65 ton, 8’ Long flat deck Section

D-5, 65 ton, 4’ Long flat deck Section

D-10, 65 ton, 16’ Long flat deck Section


D-6, 65-ton Perimeter deck, 24’8” deck length, 10’ wide outside beams and 9’ inside beams, loaded height approx. 12” to 14”

D-7, 65-ton Beam Deck, deck length 26’  

D-8, 50 ton, Drop side deck, Deck length 26’, 9’wide deck plus out riggers ,


D- 2    Short 50-ton perimeter deck length 21’8”,   9’ wide, 8’ between the beams

D- 9    Long 55-ton perimeter deck length 27’8”,  9’ wide, 8’ between beams



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