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About Our Services

We Buy & Sell Used Trucks and Trailers Across USA & Canada.

Cost Effective. Fast. Reliable.


Trucks and Trailers Inventory across USA and Canada

Our inventory is located across the USA and Canada. These trucks and trailers are owned by trucking companies and owner operators who have asked for our help to sell their equipment.


Buy Used Trucks or Trailers across USA and Canada

We can help you locate clean, reliable and fair priced used trucks or trailers for you to purchase.


Sell Used Trucks or Trailers across USA and Canada

We will work with you one on one to help you retail or wholesale your used trucks and trailers. We only need you to send us specifications, miles, pictures (exterior and interior) and pricing and let us go to work.

Referral Program


We pay 25% of our commission to anyone who refers someone to us and we help them. This is for the lifetime of the customer.  

Member Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario
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